What is a breathworks session like?

Through sound, movement and controlled breathing, Breathworks offers a personal, powerful and transformational experience. Breathworks provides access to parts of the psyche that are not as accessible in our daily lives to nurture personal growth.

What to expect?

After the meditation the clients are visibly moved. Some have tears in their eyes, some look relieved. Many have very important self-realizations, or profound revelations. Most every session we have breakthroughs.

Empower the clients
freedom to become who you are

"Our goal is to empower individuals...to remind them of who they truly are and put them in touch with themselves." - Owner Eric Duffner

A therapy session like no other

Therapists have remarked about how clients are much more open and connected after a breathworks session.

Breathworks Benefits

We offer a wide array of services to organizations seeking to
improve trust within the group participants.

  • Collapse of Ego

    Practicing Breathworks creates a temporary state of mind that allows the inner "You" (The knower or observer of your mind) to be free from the normally dominating effects of the ego. In that state, the opportunity for change presents itself. Learn More

  • Healing Power

    Authentic healing power is fully accessible through immersion in the breath. The Breathworks experience will ultimately bring one back to healing, cleansing, and clearing blocked energy.

  • Corporate Wellness

    Our process enhances mental health facotrs by improving concentration and energy levels. Breathworks reduces stress and anxiety and enhances wellbeing and vitality.

  • Corporate Teambuilding

    The ego deflation aspect created by breathworks is key for team building. It allows for individuals to have a more open mind leading them to be more receptive to new ideas, strategies and honest communication. All of this serves to connect one another and instill a sense of camaraderie.

  • Communication

    Breathworks opens the dynamic of communication through a combination of eliminating emotional blocks and increasing confidence and self assurance. By reducing limiting beliefs, this new sense of openness fosters clear communication.

  • Anti-Stress

    To breathe well is to live well. When improving consciousness with the breath, we are innately reminded to slow down and accept the present moment. Conscious breathing leads to connection with our source and lessened stress levels.


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