Collapse of the Ego

How the ego controls us

Breathworks - Collapsing the Ego

The ego represents all things that identify us as unique individuals. The ego gives us a sense of self of who we are. The roles we play, our values and belief systems, and our character assets and defects are parts of what makes up a healthy ego.

Many of these elements that make up our ego are incorporated without any prior filtering. Our values and belief systems can come from our parents, childhood friends and teachers. Some of these beliefs may limit us in our approach to life. Perceptions are formed, judgments are made and reactions to events happen. We live with the consequences initiated by our ego on a daily basis.

Breathwork brings us back to our authentic self. The ego has no place as the healing takes place. The human ego is complex. While it has the ability to accelerate our progress on all capacities, it can just as easily be our detriment. Breathworks is an ego eradicator and the truth finder all in one. It has the ability to debilitate the ego associated with self and connect one to their higher self. Throughout the experience the user is accessing untapped potential and mental clarity.

Practicing Breathworks creates a temporary state of mind that allows the inner "You" (The knower or observer of your mind) to be free from the normally dominating effects of the ego. In that state, the opportunity for change presents itself. The temporary detachment from the ego stimulates a sense of emotional openness and the idea that anything is possible. This is the first step to making new and powerful changes in your life.